MET Photography
MET Photography


The Model Club was created for anyone who likes taking pictures. If you're an actor, actress or singer, the model club gives you an opportunity to keep your headshots and portfolios up to date. Yearly memberships start at $300. You are allowed to take photos one, or two times a month. There is an option to take photos on Tuesday afternoons, and/or a Saturday mornings. Attend one session or both depending on your schedule. Dates wil be posted in advance so that you can arrange your schedule.


The following dates have been selected for the 2021 season. All dates are subject to change. 

Tuesday March 9th, Saturday March 27th

Tuesday April 6th, Saturday April 24th

Tuesday May 11th, Saturday May 22nd (We are meeting at Central Park at the 110th Street & 6th Avenue entrance of the park)


Tuesday June 15th


Saturday June 19th We are shooting at the Studio 7 in Long Island City, 4020 22nd Street, Long Island City from 1pm to 6pm, Ten people maximum. $30 studio fee for all five hours. (This is an OPEN and THEMED PHOTO SHOOT. Go to Studio 7 at for more details. Yes, we will be doing the shower and tub photo shoot here!)


Friday July 16th to Monday July 19th (Photo Shoot in Miami Florida for model club members only)


Saturday July 31st

Tuesday August 10th, Saturday August 14th

Tuesday September 14th, Saturday September 18th

Tuesday October 19th, Saturday October 23rd

Tuesday November 9th, Saturday November 13th

Tuesday December 6th, Saturday December 11th


Covid19 protocols will remain in effect: 

As a result of Covid19, the following safety measures will be implemented. When shooting inside of the studio, the maximum number of people located at the small studio (The Studio at the House) will be limited to no more than (7) people. The maximum number of people located at the larger studio (Cross Island Plaza) will be limited to no more than the states regulations for indoor groups based upon the specified number of people, or the percentage that has been authorized by the state where the photo shoot is taking place. For example, if the studio holds 100 people, but the state is operating at 25% capacity, then only 25 people can participate in the photo shoot maximum at any given time.